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We have 6 kittens available for adopton at the clinic.  Frank is pictured on the left, he and his brother Baxter (black short hair), and sister Arya (gray tabby like Frank) are 6 months young.  They are spending time in our adoption condo in the reception area, where the staff can give them attention and socialization.  They have a big room downstairs during the evenings.  We also have Pete (classic gray tabby), Sassy (classic tabby, photo on our homepage), and Rosie (smoke black) have longer coats.  They are about 9 weeks young, and are recovering from a respiratory infection.  All friendly, sweet kitties.  

Kittens, kittens, mom cats, & more kittens!  Cause 4 Paws also has many kittens for adoption.  Cause 4 Paws is working along with OC Humane Society to raise, socialize, and find homes for the many kittens and cats in our area.  

It takes a community!  There are always cats, and dogs, in need of foster care.  Please contact the OC Humane Society if you can foster a cat or dog.  In Spring & Summer, we especially need kitten foster families.  Let the OC Humane Society know that you can foster a litter of kittens should the need arise.  We are happy to help with advice and care for your OC fosters.

We support adoptions of pets from local shelters and rescue groups.  When there is no room at the shelter, we occasionally have cats or kittens available for adoption at the clinic, or from a foster family.  The cat or kitten will be featured on the home page, or this page, and on Facebook.  What a joy to see a purrrfect pairing!  We occasionally take in a foster dog, too.  (Right now we are fostering Munroe for the Spotsylvania Animal Shelter while he is treated for heartworm disease.)