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EC Central Park

Virginia Veterinary Centers      540-372-3470

Located in Central Park near Target, at 1301 Central Park Blvd.  The emergency clinic is open 24 hours Friday at 3 pm through Monday morning 8 am, week days from 3 pm through to 8am, and on major holidays.  Please call to check availability and wait times.  They do not take checks, but do take Care Credit, major credit cards, and cash.  Veterinary specialist are now availabe for surgery, internal medicine, critical care, and physical therapy.



Animal Emergency Clinic of Fredericksburg      540-371-0554

The AECF is located at 1210 Snowden St. & Rt. 1 North, by the McDonalds, next to the U. of Mary Washington campus.  It is open from 6pm overnight on week nights, Saturdays noon through Monday morning, and on major holidays.  They take checks, major credit cards, Care Credit, and cash.  Please call to check on wait times and availability.  


Veterinary Emergency & 24 hour care, Charlottesville     434-973-3519

VETSS is located in Charlottesville, Va.  It is a 24 hour care facility.

Animal Poison Control Centers

For up to date information on toxins that affect your pets go to:  

Pet Poison Hotline or call (855) 764-7661.

ASPCA Animal Poison Control or call (888) 426-44436.

Both offer 24 hour, fee-based, treatment help should your pet be exposed to a toxic substance.  

Whiskers 2 Toes Massage Therapy

Nancy Lilly is devoted to helping animals live a better life.  She now offers Whiskers 2 Toes Massage therapy for dogs, and cats, in your home, or here at the clinic.  Contact Nancy by phone at 540-846-3961, or, or on Facebook.

Cardiology Specialists

Chesapeake Veterinary Cardiology Associates are the primary cardiology specialists in Richmond & Northern Va areas.  Go to to learn more about heart disease in pets and their services.  

In Charlottesville we have Va. Veterinary Specialists Cardiology service. Go to for information.


Orange County Humane Society     540-672-0069

Our county Humane Society assists Orange County animals  through programs including spay/neuter assistance, food assistance, and medical care.  They are a hard working, dedicated all volunteer group.  Many thanks to all the OCHS volunteers!  The OCHS now has a TNVR (trap/neuter/vaccinate/return) program for feral and/or unowned community cats.  Help solve the cat overpopulation problem in Orange County, call for TNVR information. The Pets in Place program assists pets with major medical needs when their people can't afford the needed care for them.  These programs are designed to support the work of the O.C. Animal Shelter and fill in the gaps in mission areas that the County does not serve. Locust Grove Vet has been a member and supporter of the Humane Society since 1993.  Dr. Walton is the current on the Board of Directors as the Medical Director.  Please join us by becoming a member, a volunteer, and/or a financial supporter.  



Orange County Animal Shelter      540-672-1124

11362 Porter Road
Orange, VA 22960
Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday  10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

The Orange County Animal Shelter always has cats and dogs in need of good homes, and somtimes other animals. There is always a need for volunteers to help give the cats and dogs the TLC that they need so much when moved from their prior home into a stressful shelter situation.  Foster homes are always needed.  Let the  shelter director know that you want to volunteer, and that we sent you. Let your area's representative on the OC Board of Directors know that you support the the community's homeless pets and expect only the best of care for all of them.  If your request for help is ever turned down, we may be able to help.  Thanks!

Culpeper HS

Humane Society of Culpeper

Culpeper AS

Culpeper County Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter & Animal Control: 540-547-4477

Located at 10144 James Monroe Hwy., Culpeper, VA

Spotsylvania Animal Shelter & Animal Control

Animal Shelter 540-507-7459    Animal Control 540-582-7115

Located at 450 TV Dr., Fredericksburg, VA




Paw for Seniors

This organization helps senior pets in need of new homes.



Cause 4 Paws

Cause 4 Paws Feline Rescue & Adoptions

Cause 4 Paws is a local feline rescue and adoptions group.  Cats and kittens are kept in foster homes until adoption.  Email them at, or visit them at Petfinders:, or their Facebook page: Causefourpaws Locust Grove VA


The HOWS Project

Houses of Wood and Straw -

The HOWS Project provides safe dog houses, bedding, and other help for dogs (and other species) who are kept outside.  They work out of Charlotteville, but provide for animals in surrounding counties, as well.  Their dedicated members have helped many dogs live more comfortably outside, and have found homes for some so they can live indoors with a family.  They work carefully with the dogs' owners to help them provide more humane care for their pets.  Please do consider support their efforts by donating or volunteering.

Cody CCK

Country Club Kennels

Boarding and Dog Training

Owner / Trainer: Austin and Linda Nammack

 Address: 9394 Pine Glade Lane, Locust Grove, VA 22508
 Phone: 540.854.6000

Smile! book - Dog Behavior and Training - Dr. Lynne Swanson

This is our new favorite book about dogs, how they think, why they behave the way they do, and how to work with them to develop a great relationship, create good dog citizens, prevent problems and solve problem behaviors.  Dr. Swanson is an expert with years of practical experience.  Her book is practical and packed full of important information. You can read the first 2 chapters on her website:  We love this book so much we have it at the clinic for $16, a lower cost than Amazon.  We also have donated copies in local libraries.  

Sarah Ferrell

Dog Manners - Training Classes by Sarah Ferrell, Fredericksburg

Sarah Ferrell has been teaching Dog Manners to dogs and their people in the Fredericksburg area for many years.  She has written an award winning book on the subject titled Devoted to Dogs.  Sarah can help solve behavior issues as well as guide you in basic training of your dogs.  Check out her training schedule at:

The Kitten Lady - Hannah Shaw

The Kitten Lady has been saving lives and teaching others how to save lives of the tiniest, most vunerable felines.  Her website is a huge resourse for anyone who finds a single kitten or a whole litter.  She has lots of videos on her website, and now has it all written down in her wonderful new book Tiny but  Mighty.  Purchase the book, visit her website, and/or go to a seminar.  Beyond kittens, she teaches how to work with and develop TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) programs to help end the cycle of feline overpopulation and homelessness.  Please join us in this project.  

Deserve to live.

Alley Cat Allies

Advocating for homeless & feral cats.  Educating the public and correcting mis-infomation about these cats. Help with feral & homeless cat colonies.  Spay and neuter programs.  Visit their website for more information:

Beagle Freedom Project

ARME's Beagle Freedom Project is a national group working to reduce, the use of animals in research and to place them in loving homes.  Their link is:  

Most of this research is unnecessary and causes great distress and suffering to the animals used as test subjects.  They live very deprived lives.  They are used over and over again, often only to be killed in the end.  BFP works to have these dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. released into their care, so they can be adopted into a normal family life.  Please join us in supporting BFP & purchasing only "Cruelty Free" products.  Down load their "Cruelty-Cutter" App to get started.  Thanks you! 

Johnson Pet Cremation Service  540-854-5100

It is always a sad time when a dear pet's life comes to an end.  We are blessed to have a local funeral home that provides loving and respectful care when that time comes.  Johnson Funeral Home is our choice for pet cremations.  They provide private crematations (ashes returned to you), mass cremations (ashes scattered on their family farm), urns & memorial stones, and an on-line memorial page.

Maddie's Institute

Maddie's Institute

Webinars, Articles, Training and Resources for Shelter and Rescue groups and individuals.