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Medical Services

     We provide your pet with wellness care including vaccinations, heartworm testsparasite preventionspay and neuter surgeries, and HomeAgain microchip ID. When your pet isn't feeling so well, our doctors are experienced in diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries, dental problems, and common behavior issues.  We provide hospital care and surgery for a wide range of conditions.  We take care with anesthesia, pain control, and patient monitoring and recovery for surgeries and minor procedures.  

      We have upated all areas, adding digital x-ray, and digital dental x-ray, which allows us to easily send your pet's x-rays to specialists when needed.  Our in-clinic & referral Idexx Laboratory test results are linked to the patient record making it easy to share and consult with Idexx specialists.  Ultrasound is routinely used for diagnostic help, with Radiologist Dr. David Kerr available when a specialist ultrasound is needed.  We have an in-house pharmacy for your convenience.

     Dr. Walton offers a holistic approach with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Therapeutic Laser, spinal and musculoskeletal therapies.