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Important Announcements

3 Important announcements for your safety, your pets safety, and appoinment availability:


1.  Access changes due to pandemic - For the health and safety of our clients and staff, in person access to the clinic is limited.  When arriving, stay in your vehicle and call to let us know you have arrived.  If you do not have a cell phone, knock on the door and someone will answer as soon as possible.  A staff member will come out for your pet.  Please have a written list of health concerns, list sypmtoms, any questions you may have, and any medications you may need to have filled.  This will limit the exposure of our staff to extreme weather, and will limit your contact with our staff.  If there is no list, we will need a cell number to call for information.  Our staff members will have masks, but may choose not to wear them to make communications more clear at a safe distance.  If you have health concerns, please inform them immedicately so they can put on a mask, and keep communications short.  If you have special needs, let the receptionist know when you call.  If you must come in the clinic, please wear a mask.  Do not come if you have any symptoms of illness that could be related to Covid.  We do practice Covid cleaning practices.   


2. Due to high demand and long wait times, Va. Vet. Center Emergency and Specialty Center is having to limit the types and severity of cases that they can take in.  Should your pet need medical help when we a closed, please call V.V.C. at 540.372.3470 before you drive to the center.  They will need to know the nature of your emergency so they can triage and let you know if they are available.  You can also call the Animal Emergency Clinic of Fredericksburg at 540.540-371-0554 to check availability.  Other options are the 24 hours clinics in Manassas, Fairfax, Woodbridge, Richmond, and Charlottesville.   Those weill be listed in the Helpful Pet Links.  


3.  Due to the nation wide shortage of veterinarians, Dr. Walton is the sole full-time+ veterinarian.   We have opted to close on Saturdays to be able to maintain normal week-day hours, when emergency clinics are not open.  We hope that this does not last too long.  If you need a Saturday appointment, there are clinics with Saturday hours.  Dr. Clayton is working part-time to help out.  She is available Mondays 9 to noon, and Fridays all day.  We have a large client base, so routine healthy pet visits may be delayed.  For pets with illness or injuries, please call as early in the day as possible.   We have some time over the mid-day break to see patients that need same day help.  We need to have them admited prior to noon.   Also, call early in the week if your pet needs help.  Appointments fill quickly.  If you call late in the week it may be hard to find an appointment spot.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.